5 Minutes To Remember The Order Of The Old Testament Books ( B )

In my previous blog, ” 5 Minutes To Remember The Order Of The New Testament Books ” ( A ) dated Thursday, 15 May 2008, I shared a simple story to help you remember the sequence of the N. T. books. You can also remember the order of the Old Testament books  by using the following story which has mental pictures that you can either draw or imagine. The words in bold either sound like the Books of the Old Testament or are the names of the Books themselves. In one instance, alphabets e.g. P.E. are used to represent Proverbs and Ecclesiastes :-

(Genesis) is the book of the beginnings.  (Exodus) describes how the Israelites begin to leave (Leviticus) in large numbers (Numbers) dueto-their-enemy (Deuteronomy).

(Joshua) was their first judge (Judges) who fought ruthless (Ruth) wars.  Samuel (1 & 2 Samuel) was their last judge who anointed Kings (1 & 2 Kings) and wrote Chronicles (1 & 2 Chronicles) about rulers who have extra (Ezra)  need (Nehemiah) for queens like (Esther).

Esther’s job (Job) was to do her sums (Psalms), P.E. (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes) and sing songs (Songs of Songs).  Her favourite song was entitled  “I-Sigh” (Isaiah) sung by (Jeremiah) who laments (Lamentations)  how the people are more  easily-killed (Ezekiel)  than-nailed (Daniel).

Esther has a Hot-Sea (Hosea)  jewel (Joel) shaped like a famous (Amos) cookie.  It was stolen by ” O-Bad Jonah(Obadiah, Jonah) who hid it in my-car (Micah).

My car was parked outside “a-humburger‘ (Nahum)  restaurant which half-cook (Habbakkuk) and zap-on-fire (Zephaniah)  Haggai’s black-rye (Zechariah) bread from Malacca (Malachi).


6 Responses to “5 Minutes To Remember The Order Of The Old Testament Books ( B )”

  1. Ingemar Stefansson Says:


    You made it look easy! Thanks for this post.


  2. chanmunwai Says:


    Glad you like it.


  3. Danielle Says:

    Hi, your story is a great aid to memorize the order of Old Testament books. Thanks for sharing.
    Just like to point out an error – Joshua was not the first judge, Othniel was.

  4. God's daughter Says:

    This was the only source I found that actually helped me! Took me a couple of hours! Now I’m ready for my test 🙂

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